Ask Andy

– Episode 16

Inflation Challenges Sustainability in Freight Pricing

As you scan your groceries at the supermarket, something catches your eye. “$5.00 for eggs?!? How?!?” This is the all to often experience for people with how inflation is impacting the market today. What used to cost a certain amount has been doubled and in some cases tripled.
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When times are good, consumers don’t tend to notice price fluctuations but when the belt is tightened, consumers notice every change. The same is true in the freight and shipping industry.  When times are good and freight is moving, customers aren’t as concerned about small bumps in the bottom line. However, some companies use this against their customers and drive their prices to an unsustainable level. As a result, customers will take their business elsewhere.  That’s why at Gulf Relay, we don’t overprice ourselves and strive to keep our prices competitive for the market. We understand times are tough and that’s why we are committed to serving our customers with high-quality service at affordable pricing.  We have to buy our eggs too and that’s why we understand that inflation can bring out the best and worst in companies. 

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