Ask Andy

– Episode 15

Bidding for the Long-Term

There comes a point in dating where people just get sick of playing the dating game. Sure, they have experienced the perks of single life. No commitment or baggage can free them to focus on other things in their lives. But there comes a point where most people want a long-term relationship where they can grow with another person.
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The same is true in the carrier-customer relationship. While customers can often get a short-term perks without a long-term commitment, most struggle to find sustainable solutions for their business. Often those relationships are short-lived leaving businesses with a desire to experience the benefits of a long-term partnership for their operations. In logistics and trucking, those long-term partnerships are crucial in the success of an organization. Much like a couple who has been together for years and knows each other in so many ways, the customer-carrier relationship grows the longer each party is part of the agreement. That’s why many of our loyal partners at Gulf Relay continue to maintain their relationships with us because they receive the same high-quality care and attention that we offer. We stand behind our service in providing the best solutions for those we partner with. We’re in it for the long haul and we’re thankful to work side by side with our partners.

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