Ask Andy

– Episode 17

He Who Has Trailers Wins! Well, Not Necessarily

In the freight market, the mantra, “he who has the trailers, wins,” has been a constant staple in the industry over the past few years. Recently, that mantra was turned on its head as shippers and receivers struggled to maintain warehouse labor. As a result, the value for carriers with multiple trailers to accommodate live load and live unload requests was at a premium.
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Now, we see that continually changing in the freight market as more and more customers are willing to deal with the inefficiency of some of their warehouse operations just so they can get a cheaper price in loads. As a result, the demand for trailers is not as stringent as it once was which has forced businesses to adapt and change.  That’s why at Gulf Relay, we have our finger on the pulse of the market and continue to provide the best equipment to our drivers and personnel to allow us to adapt and grow with the market. At Gulf Relay, it’s not the amount of trailers you have but the efficiency in which they are used.

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