Safe, Efficient Freight Shipping and Delivery

Transporting every load with transparency, reliability, and care.

Partner with a responsive, close-knit team that cares about your freight as much as you do.


Not every shipper is a fit for our network. We want to build partnerships that are beneficial for everyone, which relies on honesty from both parties. For us, that means transparent pricing and clarity in communication.


Our FMSCA Safety Score of 33 is a direct result of our safety and maintenance teams’ work with our drivers. We host regular safety meetings an require all drivers to complete monthly trainings to continuously update their driving education.


Timeliness is especially important in logistics. We aim to be the carrier that gets the opportunity to say “yes” and delivers on our promises efficiently and effectively!

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Available Shipping Services


Our fleet of local drivers can haul your shipment anywhere within a 250-mile radius of our Clinton, Mississippi headquarters.


Regional drivers from the Gulf Relay team deliver to locations within 600 miles of our headquarters.


Need over-the-road transportation? We’ve got you covered. Gulf Relay serves shipping partners nationwide.


Gulf Relay's dedicated fleet services offer customers peace of mind in knowing they always have an allotment of trucks, trailers, and drivers available to safely transport their freight.


LED Trailer Lights

LED trailer lights make our trailers more visible to traffic around them, even during the bright hours of daytime.  

Air-ride Trailers

Air-ride trailers reduce vibration in comparison to spring-ride trailers, offering a more comfortable driving experience.  

Air Release 5th Wheels

Air release 5th wheels have an automatically engaging secondary lock to ensure cargo safety and it eliminates the need for visual inspections under the trailer. 

Smartdrive camera

The smartdrive camera monitors driver habits, intervenes during lane departures, and enforces safe driving practices. 


Drivewyze notifies drivers as they approach hazards, severe weather, parking availability, and more along their routes. Their partnership with Bestpass helps control toll costs, manage payments, and bypass weigh stations. 

Bull Guard and Distance Alert Sensors

The bull guard and distance alert sensors work together to keep everyone on the road safe. 

Aluminum Wheels with Quick Release Covers

Aluminum wheels with quick release covers push air away from the tires and reduce on drag, increasing fuel efficiency, and offer a 9-inch inspection opening, cutting down on time spent during inspections and inflation.  

Flow Below Skirting

Flow-below skirts increase fuel savings by 16%, on average.  

Automatic Tire Inflation

Automatic tire inflation increases tire life by 15% and increases MPG efficiency, reducing our company’s environmental footprint and saving costs for our customers.  

Reinforced Trailers

Our reinforced trailers are paper-spec and food-grade 53-foot, swing-door dryvans. 

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