The Relay

– Episode 21

Like Father, Like Son: Meet a Father-Son Driving Team at Gulf Relay

In this episode of the Relay, host Rhaya Reynolds sits down with the father-son owner-operators of Frederick Hunter Sr. and Fred Hunter Jr., drivers here at Gulf Relay. During this episode, Frederick and Fred discuss their experiences on the road, their favorite places to visit, and their strategies for fuel management. The father-son duo also emphasize the importance of defensive driving and share how they maintain trust and accountability within their team. The episode provides insights into the life of truck drivers and offers advice for new drivers looking to gain experience in the industry.
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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:
  • The father-son team (1:10)
  • Training process and challenges (2:09)
  • Favorite places to visit on the road (2:50)
  • The importance of safe driving (10:21)
  • Trusting your co-driver (11:18)
  • Managing fuel costs (13:07)
  The Relay is a podcast produced by Gulf Relay. Each episode, we dive behind the scenes of our operations, teams, and industry. From the unique challenges of the job to anecdotes about life on the road, our guests will provide a window into a profession that is crucial to our economy and way of life. Let’s hit the road!

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