The Relay

– Episode 22

Onboarding New Customers and Building Strong Relationships for Success

In this episode of The Relay, hosts Maddie Cook and Blanks Baldwin sit down with Cole Chandler from the business development team. Cole shares his journey from operations to sales, emphasizing the value of his operational experience in building customer relationships. The team discusses their strategy for bringing on new business and targeting areas where they have a strong presence and engineering consistent routes. They also share their excitement about attending industry conferences, the importance of face-to-face interactions with customers, and more.
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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:
  • The importance of operations knowledge in sales (1:36)
  • Targeting specific regions and commodities (3:17)
  • Attending industry conferences (8:42)
  • Onboarding Process with New Customers (10:42)
  • Gulf Relay's Unique Value Proposition (14:38)
  • Final thoughts and takeaways (18:45)
The Relay is a podcast produced by Gulf Relay. Each episode, we dive behind the scenes of our operations, teams, and industry. From the unique challenges of the job to anecdotes about life on the road, our guests will provide a window into a profession that is crucial to our economy and way of life. Let’s hit the road!

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