The Relay

– Episode 12

Finding Stability and Fulfillment through Local Driving

In this episode of the Relay, Sarah Williams sits down with Terrian LeFlore, one of our local drivers at Gulf Relay. During this conversation, Terrian shares her journey into the trucking industry, explaining that she tried different careers before becoming a truck driver. Terrian found Gulf Relay after wanting to switch to a local route and encountering a driver from the company. She also talks about the personal and spiritual aspects of trucking, her experience with trucking school, lease-to-purchase programs, and more.
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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:
  • Finding a career in trucking (0:18)
  • Transitioning from Manufacturing to Sales (2:22)
  • Moving to local routes (3:19)
  • Working at Gulf Relay (9:02)
  • Spirituality at Gulf Relay (10:44)
  • Trucking school (12:02)
The Relay is a podcast produced by Gulf Relay. Each episode, we dive behind the scenes of our operations, teams, and industry. From the unique challenges of the job to anecdotes about life on the road, our guests will provide a window into a profession that is crucial to our economy and way of life. Let’s hit the road!

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