The Relay

– Episode 14

Clean Equipment Means Better Inspections and More Savings

In this episode of the Relay, William Everett, Director of Safety at Gulf Relay, talks about the company’s in-house truck wash system. William shares the importance of keeping equipment clean for DOT inspections, how the washer saves the company money by having washing operations in-house, the cleaning process for the system, how drivers can benefit from keeping their equipment clean, and more.
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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:
  • The benefit of clean equipment for DOT inspections and operations (0:13)
  • Keeping the dashboards of trucks free from trash and clutter (0:55)
  • How the washer saves the company money (1:05)
  • The cleaning process for the in-house washer (2:20)
The Relay is a podcast produced by Gulf Relay. Each episode, we dive behind the scenes of our operations, teams, and industry. From the unique challenges of the job to anecdotes about life on the road, our guests will provide a window into a profession that is crucial to our economy and way of life. Let’s hit the road!

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