Managed Transportation

Services include freight handling, labor planning, facilitation of inbound and outbound shipments, cross-border customs management and documentation, claims processing and third-party logistics supplier management.

Service Benefits


  • Managed Transportation provides “control tower” visibility, execution, and business intelligence for shippers
  • Gulf Relay Connect provides all of this in an easy to use, web-based package
  • Gulf Relay Connect can create shipments via EDI or API, auto-rate customers shipments across domestic modes, and provide real-time “blue dot” tracking on shipments regardless of location
  • Gulf Relay Connect allows customers to chat in real time with Gulf Relay staff to ensure their supply chain functions seamlessly
  • Gulf Relay Connect data infostructure is built on Microsoft Azure/ Power Bl which provides best- in-class data security and uptime

Service Offerings

Control Tower Solutions

  • Global network of control towers provides door-to-door visibility into order status and freight tracking

Dedicated Transportation

  • Tailored fleet solutions help customers optimize routes and lower costs
  • Audit and pay
  • cost savings

Value Proposition

Leading Integrated Technology Platform

  • Commercially developed TMS
  • Proprietary tracking and visibility tool
  • Worry-free set-up and disaster recovery

Onsite Control Tower

  • Account management
  • Carrier/ supplier management
  • Freight planning
  • Business intelligence

Business intelligence and actionable reporting

  • Tech tools collect and decipher big data and turn it into actionable information for performance improvement

Low-risk transition/comprehensive integration

  • Successful deployment of complex solutions for large customers ramped up in the past two years


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