Gulf GIves

Industry Efforts

TAT works to educate truck drivers, bus drivers, and law enforcement to recognize the sign of human trafficking and what to do when they see it. Beyond being a donor, Gulf Relay drivers are given TAT training materials so that they may be another set of eyes and lips to “see something, say something”.

Trucking Associations

Gulf Relay is a part of both the Mississippi and Texas Trucking Associations with Gulf Relay’s Marley Montgomery as MTA’s Secretary and David Izard and William Everett as Chairman and Co-Chairman of the MTA Safety Council. These associations help create and implement better safety protocols for trucking companies and drivers. They also lend a hand in the betterment of roadways, which benefit all who drive them.

One in ten truck drivers are United States military veterans. The training and skillsets received in military training programs provide some of the same characteristics truck drivers need. Truck driving also serves as a reliable and profitable line of work for veterans. 
Gulf Relay is honored to partner with over 50 non-profits and charities

Local Efforts

Family is more than blood relation. Family extends to our communities, which is why Gulf Relay makes it a priority to take part in cultivating relationships with the City of Clinton, Clinton Public Schools, and the Mississippi College. (Blair E. Batson, Methodist Children’s Homes of Mississippi, and Employee Holiday Match)
Children’s Hospital of Mississippi conducts research exclusively for finding solutions for childhood cancer, congenital defects, and fetal medicine. It is the state’s only facility solely devoted to pediatric patients. By giving to these efforts, Gulf Relay is helping cultivate futures for individuals with potentials they may otherwise lose.
Since 1896, the MCHM has served children between the ages of 3 and 21 by establishing a safe haven with housing, trauma therapy, spiritual care, and more. To continue these efforts, restorations and updates must be made periodically, which is where Gulf Relay and other donors come in.

Employee Holiday Match

During the winter holiday season, when a Gulf Relay team member donates to a charity, Gulf Relay pledges to match that donation to either the same charity or another charity of the donator’s choice.