The Relay

– Episode 24

The Unsung Heroes of Gulf Relay: Meet the Mechanics Who Keep the Wheels Turning

In this episode of The Relay, we take a little different turn as Sarah Williams catches up with our mechanics in the shop. We discuss common issues mechanics encounter such as lighting problems and check engine lights, and the importance of pre-trip inspections and routine maintenance. Don’t miss the discussion around the challenges of after-treatment systems on trucks and a story about a truck that caused a chain reaction of problems. Join us as we talk shop with some of our mechanics at Gulf Relay.
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Highlights from this week’s conversation include:
  • Common problems mechanics see on trucks (0:33)
  • After-treatment systems on trucks (1:33)
  • The worst tire we’ve seen in the shop (4:59)
  • Experiences as a diesel mechanic (9:10)
  • The importance of routine maintenance and pre-trip inspections (9:43)
  The Relay is a podcast produced by Gulf Relay. Each episode, we dive behind the scenes of our operations, teams, and industry. From the unique challenges of the job to anecdotes about life on the road, our guests will provide a window into a profession that is crucial to our economy and way of life. Let’s hit the road!

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