Ask Andy

– Episode 19

Targeted Strategy Producing Explosive Growth

Gulf Relay has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. This week on Ask Andy, we talk about some of the reasons behind that success. The first key to our growth has been the targeted strategy of the sales team. What used to be a sales process of “whoever got the email” has turned into a tactical sales strategy that has paid dividends. Hiring key people has helped grow the sales force at Gulf which has served over 500 customers in 2022 alone.
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Another key in our growth has been the industry-specific focus of our sales staff. Their diligence has allowed us to enhance our relationships with customers and build new roads into other industries. The collaboration of our sales staff allows us to sell the whole package to benefit the customer. Whether they need assets, managed transportation, software or a combination of all three, our sales personnel adapt and collaborate to help serve the customer. It’s no wonder that Gulf Relay has seen tremendous growth over the years. That growth has allowed the company to become a notable name in the industry working with many Fortune 100 and 500 companies. We know that growth will continue because we put the right people in the right places to achieve success and serve our customers. Learn more at

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