How Gulf Relay increased warranty reimbursement by 782%

Gulf Relay is a warehouse, supply chain, and shipping carrier. They are a 225 tractor fleet with 130 of those tractors covered under OEM and extended warranty.

The Problem

Before implementing Cetaris, they were using Manager Plus Maintenance Software to manage maintenance and a manual process based on memory for handling warranty claims.

It was difficult to retroactively identify warranty reimbursement opportunities – capturing the correct data to attach to the claim was a challenge. So, they weren’t capturing all the warranty dollars owed to them. Plus, crediting those recaptured warranty dollars back to the asset for cost per mile reports was nearly impossible.

This was a manual process and nothing in the warranty workflow was automated. “The challenges were many as we relied on myself and our technicians,” says Marcus Myers, Senior Director of Maintenance, Gulf Relay, “If we remembered replacing a part then we would research a work order. This was possible with 64 trucks but very far from acceptable. Most of these challenges drove us to seek out a new software solution, and I must say we nailed it by selecting Cetaris.”

Before switching to Cetaris, their average warranty reimbursement was on average around $1,150.00 per month.

The Solution

Cetaris software helps Gulf Relay to continuously decrease overhead using multiple ROI areas, though the warranty module alone has been a powerful contributor. Their increase in warranty dollars recaptured alone has led to Gulf Relay gaining an annualized ROI of almost 153% on their Cetaris investment in just one year.

A year after implementing the Cetaris warranty module, warranty reimbursement has increased by 782%. They now receive about $9K/month between OEM and parts warranty. Breaking it down to the asset, they are now receiving $923.00 per year per warrantable tractor.

“We couldn’t be happier with choosing Cetaris”

The warranty solution allows them to track warrantable parts and labor, and flag work orders that are eligible for warranty reimbursements. The tool ensures that the complaint, cause, and correction is added to each claim which greatly increases the likelihood of a reimbursement.

And the Gulf Relay team aren’t finished yet. As they expand their use of Cetaris, they continue to increase ROI and are optimizing more of their maintenance process every day.

Gulf Relay is an example of the ideal Cetaris user: inquisitive, detail-oriented, hardworking, and dedicated to striving to maximize efficiencies at all levels of their maintenance operation.

When asked about Gulf Relay’s implementation, Marcus Myers told us, “We couldn’t be happier with choosing Cetaris”.

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