Assets Pricing Strategy

By Walt Stanish & Eric Burke The transportation industry is experiencing unprecedented operational costs. Fuel prices are higher, drivers are in short supply, trailers are in short supply, and trucks continue to lag in meeting demand. These individual supply challenges have collided, making the perfect storm we are in the middle of now, and there […]

Taking Responsibility for Fleet Sustainability

By Marcus Myers and Andy VanZant Roughly 7% of global carbon emissions come from heavy-duty trucking. Though we are nowhere near the largest contributor to greenhouse gases, we recognize our responsibility to do all we can to protect and maintain the health of our planet. Owning that responsibility has led us to make great changes […]

D Magazine: Gulf Relay, a fast-growing full-service third-party logistics provider (3PL), has signed a lease for an additional 350,150 square-ft

Gulf Relay, a fast-growing full-service third-party logistics provider (3PL), has signed a lease for an additional 350,150 square-foot space located at Crossroads Trade Center 1 in South Dallas. Currently operating out of Coppell and based out of Clinton, Mississippi., the move significantly expands its Dallas footprint bringing its total network in DFW to 460,000 square […]

Dallas Business Journal: Gulf Relay grows Texas footprints with new leases

Gulf Relay, a Mississippi-based third-party logistics provider, is also growing its footprint in Texas. The company recently leased 350,150 square feet at 1221 E. Centre Park Blvd. in DeSoto, just south of Dallas. With another facility in Coppell, the company now operates more than 460,000 square feet in North Texas and more than 700,000 square […]

How Gulf Relay increased warranty reimbursement by 782%

Gulf Relay is a warehouse, supply chain, and shipping carrier. They are a 225 tractor fleet with 130 of those tractors covered under OEM and extended warranty. The Problem Before implementing Cetaris, they were using Manager Plus Maintenance Software to manage maintenance and a manual process based on memory for handling warranty claims. It was […]

Gulf Relay Partners with Siemens to Facilitate Move into Mississippi

“I am thrilled to have Siemens Energy join us in Clinton. This is a new spin-off for Siemens, the third largest business in Germany. They will be offering an IPO in the future and I anticipate they will grow substantially in the coming years,” added Mayor Phil Fisher. Sharing the warehouse facility with Mississippi based […]