About Us

We are a group of supply chain professionals committed to exceeding our customers expectations. We have purposely built a company around the idea that combining strategic assets, cutting edge technology, and smart supply chain professionals can provide a better way forward.


Gulf Relay began in 2011 with six trucks, no outside capital, a handful of drivers, and the intentions of being an asset-based carrier… Today, that foundation has been added to with company-owned warehousing, a brokerage division, industry-leading technologies, and a single-source supply chain solution.


One of Gulf Relay’s greatest strengths is our team diversity. Our growth, performance, and client satisfaction speak directly to the people in our offices and to dedicated Gulf Relay drivers on the road. We are set apart from other companies in the industry because of the Gulf Relay team’s collective experiences. Our Chief Supply Chain Officer and Chief Technology Officer were both instrumental in building Apple’s supply chains in the 1980s and 1990s. Managers and directors have come from huge companies in the logistics world to start building something bigger and better right here at Gulf Relay.

We are S.M.A.R.T.

We are


Gulf Relay recognizes and emphasizes the importance of safety, whether it be behind a wheel or behind a desk.

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Gulf Relay’s roots keep us grounded, but we are progressive in our technologies and mindsets.

We are


The Gulf Relay team consists of driven individuals focused on customer solutions and experience.

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Gulf Relay’s foundation is built on ethical behavior and professional conduct.

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The Gulf Relay operations rely on our cultivated relationships, both internally and externally.

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